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On Fur Bridge Farm, Jules cares for rescued rabbits. But when a killer strikes, she'll need a rabbit to rescue her . . .
Juliette “Jules” Bridge prides herself on the tender rehabilitation she provides for injured or abused rabbits on her New Hampshire rescue farm, but she has a very special relationship with one bunny in particular. Bun is a black-and-white rabbit who happens to have the ability to communicate through mental telepathy. Once she got over the shock, Jules found her furry friend had a lot to say.
One frigid March morning on their walk together, Bun spots a body. The police identify the frozen stiff as Arthur Freeman, aka Arty the Mime. Jules and Arty knew each other on the children's party circuit, where he’d perform magic tricks and she had an educational rabbit petting pen. With Bun egging her on, Jules decides it’s time they hop to it and put their heads together to discover who silenced the mime. But their investigation leads them down a rabbit hole of more suspects and lies, while a killer sets a trap for them . . .

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 25
Kensington Books
Kensington Publishing Corp.

Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Cute cozy mystery

Left Fur Dead is a cute cozy mystery. Jules Bridge is the caretaker of Fur Bridge Farm which takes injured and abused bunnies. She also breeds and raises rabbits as well as runs a store on the farm that sells yarn and rabbit related items. Bun is Jules bunny housemate that she rescued from Margery Shaw who called the little fellow the devil spawn. Margery just did not understand what Bun was trying to communicate. Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that Bun talks to Jules using mental telepathy and he is a very curious little bunny. When the pair find Arty the Mime dead in the snow, Bun is eager to investigate. He has a nose for sleuthing plus he has keen hearing. Jules is having trouble at the farm with someone breaking into the barn and opening the rabbit cages. The situation continues to escalate, and Jules is worried about her little rabbit charges. Left Fur Dead is nicely written and progresses at a steady pace. I like the main characters of Jules, Bun, Sheriff Jack Carver and Jess Plain. The mystery has a handful of suspects and there are clues to help readers identify the guilty party. I did feel that the case was a little drawn out. Weeks go by before this case is put to bed. Also, Jules was a little reckless. She put herself into danger more than once (and then what would happen to the rabbits). There are some clever aspects to the mystery with a good reveal and a nice wrap-up. Jules and Bun are cute together and I enjoyed their interactions. Jess is a good friend to Jules, and I look forward to getting to know her better in future books. Sheriff Jack Carver is a nice man with a sweet wife who loves to buy yarn. Jack frequently tells Jules to keep her nose and Bun’s out of the case. I did wonder why Jack told her this right after she found the body. I have a feeling that Jules has tried to help Jack in the past. Left Fur Dead is an upbeat cozy mystery with a dead mime, an inquisitive rabbit, a cunning killer, and a worried rabbit rescuer determined to crack this whodunit.

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