Legacy of Faith: T.L. Osborn

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The Legacy of Faith Collection is a biographical collection that highlights the founding fathers of the Word of Faith and Charismatic movements. Each volume includes a summary of the most notable teachings and signature messages from each of these ministers and underscores the contribution of each to the modern day movement. This volume includes the ongoing legacy, teachings and extraordinary life of T.L. Osborn, the "Pioneer of Mass Miracle Evangelism." It includes candid interviews, stories, teachings and photographs that document the miracles and ministry of this world renowned author and evangelist as he has traveled to the farthest corners of the world to share the Gospel of Christ to all that would hear.

What others are saying:

T.L. Osborn is a legend in the faith. Not only have he and Daisy impacted millions of lives for Jesus, but they have had tremendous impact on Lisa's and my life as well.

John Bevere

T.L. Osborn is one of the most extraordinary pioneers of our century. His life and work of miracles has been an inspiration to me, as well as to my son, Gordon. I know that this book will build your faith as it has mine.

M. G. "Pat" Robertson

Chairman, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

There is no question that T. L. and Daisy Osborn have mentored me and been extremely influential in helping me to reach the world with the Word. I can never say enough or thank them enough or pray for them enough. What an opportunity and honor it's been to be part of mass miracle evangelism. No one, and I mean no one, has affected the world in our generation like the Osborns. A recent example was their meeting in downtown Paris, with over 10,000 people. That was an impossibility that became a possibility with the Osborns.

Dr. Marilyn Hickey - Marilyn Hickey Ministries

Conviction, compassion, caring and loving. T.L.'s desire is to see people set free, to know Christ and to walk in all that the cross purchased for them. His legacy is untold numbers in heaven. A man of humility and love. It is an honor to know him.

Pat Harrison

Religion & Spirituality
February 15
Harrison House LLC
Harrison House LLC

Customer Reviews

dr_punditington ,

Master's thesis?

When I downloaded the sample, I assumed I would quickly afterward want to buy the entire book. I'm glad I got the sample first. Chapter 1 reads like a typical grad student's thesis - just as dry and poorly written, with footnotes thruout. The author isn't identified. The chapter presents very inaccurate and uninformed sweeping and blanket allegations against A.A. Allen and Jack Coe, and seems to then go on to focus on the negative side of just about everything else, as though written by the typical seminary student eager to make it appear to his professor that he's questioning everything, and therefore intellectual. A very unedifying, inaccurate, poorly written attempt to assess Pentecostalism while remaining as aloof as possible from the same. Maybe this gets better after the sample, but I was surprised Harrison House would publish the first chapter. I'm a big fan of T. L. Osborn, but this is horrible. They could at least spell his name correctly on the cover! This is very poorly written, with such totally meaningless phrases as "drove much of its cultural imperialism in the terms of Christian missions" and "followed suite."

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