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The Covenant has ensured global dominance, with one exception; Buchanan. The staunch defenders of liberty, who have stood up to the tyrannical Moon people for two centuries, are fighting a covert battle to remain independent, to protect their people from subjugation and slavery. 

Within the Covenant, the rivalry between the different factions is about to take a surprising turn, one that can end the protracted struggle with Buchanan, but at the same time tilt the delicate balance between powers, which has prevented all out war so far.

Renee, a refugee from the North who has seen her people fall to the might of the Moon people is training to become an intelligence operator. While she wants to serve Buchanan, her adopted nation, she secretly yearns for revenge.

Evan, the former Janissary Tacticus and newly minted head of one of the most prominent families of the Moon people has to make difficult decisions in order to see his vision through; to set his people free from fear and restrictions, to have them realize their true potential.

Mark, the Moon people´s foremost advisor, has to take a step back from the main events, and he can only hope this will not result in his becoming redundant. While he fears what will happen while he is gone, he knows he has no choice in the matter.

Sue, once a hero of the Covenant, has paid a high price for having discovered the secrets of the Moon people. She has lost much of her memory, and has been cast aside to live out her days in her old home town, a life of illness and depression. She has nothing to look forward to, until one night, when a stranger knocks on her door and triggers old memories.

Dave has found a new life in Buchanan, free for the first time in his life. When events take a dramatic turn, he is stuck right in the center of events, and only he can save the lives of thousands.

Get ready for the explosive conclusion to the Rift Saga. This time there´s no turning back...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 20
Andreas Christensen
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mark12408 ,


It's a good book but I would love to know some more about what's going on on aurora.

SammyMay50 ,

Drawn In

Just finished the 3rd and last book and was easily drawn in at the beginning of book. It took just a short time to get use to each chapter being about a specific character, but in the end I appreciated it. Each had their own story and needed that attention to understand their decisions.

Qtheeskimo ,


I had to read the whole story in one sitting as I just had to see how it would end or begin the next story.
Enjoyed it to the very last sentence.
Can't wait until the next book.

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