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“I will find him. I WILL stop him. To avenge their deaths. To prevent an Immortal War." - The Hunter

“They killed my family. They forced me into hiding for over 100 years. Now they’ve found me. But I am not alone. And I am stronger.  I will burn them. I will crush their bones. I will choke the air from their lungs." - The Elemental

“I am a freak. An aberration. A stain upon this world. But I did not know what I truly was, until they found me." - The Seer

1599. While hunting a deadly adversary who has eluded him for two hundred years, Asgard Godard falls into an icy tomb that leaves him frozen in time.

1969. After more than a century on the run, Ethan Storm finds himself at the mercy of the man who ripped his family apart and sent him into exile.

2013. Following a hundred years of solitary existence, Olivia Ash wakes from a nightmare to find the home where she has lived her entire life under attack by a deadly foe.

Linked by an incredible destiny and with time very much against them, Asgard, Ethan, and Olivia must keep ahead of their common enemy and the rogue branch of the US army at his command. But when an unlikely ally crosses their path, they come into possession of a set of clues that help them unearth their opponents’ devastating plans.

With the future of the entire world at risk, the three immortals must form new alliances and draw on all their unique skills and abilities to defeat the man who has inflicted so much loss and misery upon their lives.

Legacy is the fascinating and furious fourth installment in AD Starrling’s bestselling supernatural thriller series Seventeen. If you like high-octane adventures that combine science and fantasy, then you’ll love the world of Seventeen. 

Grab this captivating thriller and continue the epic series today!

The Seventeen Series novels in order

Hunted #1 - previously published as Soul Meaning

Warrior #2 - previously published as King's Crusade

Empire #3 - previously published as Greene's Calling

Legacy #4 - previously published as Ashstorm

Origins #5

Destiny #6 

The Seventeen Series short stories in order

First Death #1

Dancing Blades #2

The Meeting #3

The Warrior Monk #4

The Hunger #5

The Bank Job #6


The Seventeen Collection 1 Novels #1-3

The Seventeen Collection 2 Novels #4-6

The Seventeen Complete Collection Novels #1-6

The Seventeen Series Short Story Collection #1-3

The Seventeen Series Short Story Collection #4-6 

The Seventeen Series Ultimate Short Story Collection #1-6 

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June 9
AD Starrling
A.D. Starrling

Customer Reviews

GP Teddy Bear ,


This is one of the finest books I have read recently! It was enjoyable.


Another "Impossible to stop reading book" by AD Starling

I absolutely love the style of A.D. Starling. I found myself totally absorbed in these stories and found it nearly impossible to stop reading and had to pick it up again the first chances I got. Once I finished "Warrior" I had to start on "Empire" and again was captivated. Although "Legacy" was the next logical book I read "Origins" instead which takes you back to when it all began and this gave me a much better understanding of the entire premise and where all these immortals came from. This made "Legacy" more meaningful for me.

Once Olivia began to discover her true awesome power I really could not stop reading until I had finished the book hours later at 8:00 AM. I had read it the entire night nonstop!!!

I love the entire immortal premise of the books and have read all the rest of the series as well as all the short stories and find that every book and their characters are almost magical in their almost superhuman strengths and gifts.

These stories would make a fantastic series of movies along the lines of the X-MEN. Be sure to read all of the other books as well and when you get to the final chapter of the last book you will have a huge surprise.

Enjoy! I have!

Betsy Y M ,

Warning! Once you start reading AD's books you are hooked!

Amazing! Good read from start to finish. Cannot wait read more about Lily and Tomas! Lotus-Born Buddha?

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