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He’s searching for a bride. She’s desperate for a degree. Will their phony marriage lead to true love or end in heartbreak?

CEO Jack Sutton doesn’t compromise for anyone… not even his own mother. So when her last will and testament requires him to tie the knot to keep the company, he’s determined to find a loophole for his bachelor lifestyle. A strictly business marriage contract with a shatterproof exit clause seems like the perfect solution until he starts to fall for his beautiful co-conspirator.

Kelly Bradley has worked impossibly hard to pay her way through law school, but she's running out of options. When she finds out a gorgeous CEO with rock-hard abs and an open checkbook needs a wife on paper, she's stunned to find a way out of her desperate situation. Just as she gets up the courage to propose, rival inheritors come after more than just the family fortune, which could make her hopes for the future null and void.

With love and money on the line, can Jack and Kelly survive their honeymoon phase or are they headed for an early death-do-us-part?

Legal Ease is the first standalone novel in the exhilarating Sutton Capital romantic suspense series. If you like charming schemers, irresistible chemistry, and whip-smart heroines, then you’ll love New York Times bestselling author Lori Ryan’s gripping love story.

Buy Legal Ease to stake your claim for a high-powered romantic suspense today!

April 18
Lori Ryan
Brighton Parker Rose, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ink&Coffee ,

Very good

I think that overall this was pretty well written, excusing the occasional typo. However a flashback to further explain Aunt Mabry would have added to the plot. I hope Penalty Clause is just as interesting.

beer baby ,

Legal ease

I enjoyed it. Thanks.

lattelicks ,

Not a great start

Author's notes indicate this was her first ever book published and it shows. Introduction to numerous characters to start what became a series. Parts of this storyline truly had me eye rolling and annoyed. There is a HEA and it's not a cliffhanger but that may be the only thing it had in its favor. Fairly standard for this genre but I never completely got into the characters or storyline.

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