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The Prophecy - “Every generation the nine daughters of Zeus are reborn, and with their rebirth are also nine Guardians. They will be marked by the gods, and given gifts to protect his treasure. Their abilities will only be unlocked when they find their muse.”

Callie O'Connor's life has never been the same since the Muse of Epic Poetry came alive inside of her. Now she's on the other side of the country, working as civilian psychologist for the Navy, and leading her Muse sisters in their quest to reopen the Theater of the Muses.

But nothing could have prepared her for Hunter Armstrong. He's a Navy Seal, driven, confident, and dangerous. And he plans to do more than just protect her.

The gods couldn't have picked a better Guardian. But as Hunter soon discovers, Callie has some skeletons of her own in the closet, and loving her could lead to his destruction.

December 5
Lisa's Lair
INscribe Digital

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PenKayBooks ,

Great Series

I came across Ms. Kessler's first book in The Muse Chronicles, Lure of Obsession, on NetGalley a few months ago and the book was great. Now, here is the second book and I'm so happy to say it is even better than the first! Callie feels her muse who likes to be a daredevil made her do something she shouldn't have in her past, so when Hunter comes into her life as a patient and he stirs those feelings, she pushes him away. Hunter lost a man while overseas for his country and is suffering for the loss. He is instantly attracted to his new psychologist, but she pushes him away, and he won't let her, even if all of a sudden he can hear others' thoughts about her. He find a new psychologist and pursues her even after realizing her life is very complicated with mind-reading and murder. This book was so romantic and fun, and I love the overall plot going on in these books. Ms. Kessler's two books have been very well-written, and I love how she can make the reader feel so much. This book even made me cry at the end and I'm not much of a crier; the ending scene was just very touching! The hints about the next book have left me so very anxious to read the next one in the series. Here's to a great series, which everyone who loves paranormal romance needs to get their hands on. You don't need to have read the first one to read this one, but I do recommend it to get the full benefits and subtleties. Highly recommend!

Thanks to NetGalley and INscribe Digital/Lisa's Lair for the e-book which I voluntarily reviewed. This exact review posted on both Amazon and Goodreads.

Sarah torp ,

Strong 2nd Book in Great Series

This book picks up where the previous one left off. The sisters are working together to refurbish the theatre, and the Kronos worshippers are doing anything they can to get in their way.

Callie, who houses the muse of epic poetry, is a complex character. A civilian psychiatrist contracted to work with the military, Callie has past traumas of her own that she keeps wrapped tightly within. When she lets her muse loose, people get hurt, so it's safer that way. Well, it seems that way until Navy SEAL Hunter walks through her door for a mandated appointment after losing a comrade in a raid. The two are obviously drawn to each other, like moths to flame, but Callie is reluctant to open herself to anyone. Hunter's character was perfect and swoon-worthy. Who doesn't love a military man with a heart of gold?

I especially enjoy this series because the characters are complex, but real, and the background is rich in its setting, mythological history, and secondary characters. The end of the book even gives a hint of which couple the next book will follow. I, for one, cannot wait to read it.

This was fast, easy, and fun read with the perfect amount of spice, character development, and action. Another fun five star read from Lisa Kessler.

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