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Wales is a land filled with mythology. Every breathtaking valley, towering mountain, shimmering lake and magical castle has a mythical tale to entertain and enchant you. The Welsh, like other Celtic races, love to tell stories. From before the time of the Mabinogion and the Black Book of Carmarthen they have passed dark winter nights telling Welsh fables, fairy tales and legends. Discover....

*The sad story of Prince Llewelyn's faithful hound Gelert and why a town is named after the dutiful dog.
*Why Dwynwen, the patron saint of lovers, lived on a beautiful island off the coast of Anglesey.
*A yellow eyed devil who kills with his stare. Look away I tell you.
*Discover the sad fate of the young bridegroom who searched for thirty years for his vanished bride.

These are just some of the Welsh Legends and Myths you will find in these pages but there's more....

*Learn the legend of Owain and the Gwiber, an evil giant snake like best with wings, its body covered in putrid slime.
*Why the Men of Harlech are immortalised in song.
*How the Welshman Prince Madoc and his followers discovered America.
*The reason there is a Red Hand of Chirk.
*Why no bird ever flies over Llyn Idwal.
*Where King Arthur was cruelly murdered and the true fate of his sword Excalibur.
*And why St. Seiriol the Fair had a chalk white face.

The folklore of Wales and its history are interwoven with myths and legends that cross the centuries. Some are based on factual events. Some have mythical roots, but all are entertaining.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 2
Graham Watkins
Smashwords, Inc.

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