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Leila Kahana Maui Mysteries Bundle by bestselling crime writer R. Barri Flowers contains three complete novels in the Leila Kahana Mystery series, including Murder in Maui, Murder on Kaanapali Beach, and Murder of the Hula Dancers.

Murder in Maui

In this first novel of the series, set in the lush, deceptively idyllic tropical paradise of Hawaii, Maui County homicide detective and composite sketch artist Leila Kahana and her partner, Detective Sergeant Blake Seymour, investigate the execution-style murder of two prominent doctors in an upscale condominium. Larry Nagasaka and Elizabeth Racine are found lying naked in bed in a pool of their own blood. It is learned that they were married, but not to each other, and that the doctors belonged to a prestigious medical association. Assisting the detectives in the case are fellow members of the homicide squad, Detectives Trent Ferguson and Rachel Lancaster, run by Lieutenant Paul Ortega who is contemplating retirement. As they interview suspects and collect evidence, more doctors belonging to the medical association are murdered, making it clear to all that they have a ruthless and determined serial killer on their hands.

Murder on Kaanapali Beach

In the 2nd book of the series, Maui County homicide detective and composite sketch artist Leila Kahana and her new partner Detective Jonny Chung take on the case of a college instructor found murdered on the island's famed Kaanapali Beach. Joyce Yashiro was suffocated when she was forced face down into the soft sand on the beach. In a seemingly unrelated case, Detectives Rachel Lancaster and Trent Ferguson investigate the execution-style murder of businessman Parker Breslin in front of his Kihei home. As the investigations progress with a myriad of suspects, a surprising connection between the investigations emerges. But is there one killer or two? As these cases move full steam ahead, there is also a brutal serial killer on the loose. Dubbed the "Zip Line Killer," he has been terrorizing women on the island, strangling them with a zip line, for over a year, while staying out of reach of the authorities. Do they finally have a break that can put this frightening killer behind bars before he strikes again?

Murder of the Hula Dancers

In the 3rd book of the series, Maui County homicide detective and composite sketch artist Leila Kahana and her partner Detective Jonny Chung investigate the murders of hula dancers by a serial killer dubbed the "Hula Killer." Each victim was stabbed to death. As they chase leads and suspects, Leila starts to believe that Chung might be a dirty cop. But should she act on her suspicions and report it to her boss Lieutenant Blake Seymour? Also in the Homicide Unit, Detectives Trent Ferguson and Rachel Lancaster investigate the murder of a woman whose charred corpse was found in a vehicle along a deserted road. Could solving one case help solve the other or be an impediment? As the Hula Killer continues to evade capture with the body count rising, Leila volunteers to go undercover as a hula dancer to try and flush out the murderer. But is the cunning killer one step ahead of them? Is Leila putting her life at risk to become another one of his victims?

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 4
R. Barri Flowers
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