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Kinder Thane lost his life partner three years ago and ever since, has folded into himself. He doesn’t speak to friends and only sees his family once a year. Every year on the anniversary of Leland’s death, he spends his time with the ghost of his dead boyfriend.

When Jessie Riley moves in across the hall, it sends his entire existence into a flurry. Suddenly there’s life out there, happiness, the joy of the holidays, and it’s so shocking he almost doesn’t know what to do with it. It gets to be too much but before he can pull back inside and go back to the way he was, Leland has a final gift for him, one that changes everything.

Fiction & Literature
October 20
ATT Press
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Unbound Passion ,

Quickie! Fun Characters.

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Judging a Book by it's Cover:
Slightly frost-covered model holding ... a rose? In any case, the cover/model struck me as pretty. The synopsis worried me a little, what with the whole "ghost of his dead boyfriend" thing, but the book is not listed as a supernatural or paranormal, so I'd hoped the ghost would not be a prominent character.
Looking Deeper:
Third-person POV. Imagine losing the love of your life, on Christmas Eve no less, and everyone expecting you to celebrate your once-favorite holiday again. After three years, Kinder is still reluctant to move forward and Leland needs him to let go. Leeland practically hands Kinder a slightly-concussed Jessie, the new hottie neighbor as his final Christmas gift. This is a super-short novella, most could read it over a lunch hour. As such, you lose a little bit of character and plot depth and development. The reader does not truly get a chance to bond with the characters, and this is a true shame, because they seem quite enjoyable. There's not a lot in the way of secondary characters, but a few fun, supporting cameos. The chemistry is hard to determine at first, with eight days of vagueness, them hanging out but not receiving many details. Dialogue is good. Their interactions: believable. The flow of the story was like quicksilver, blink and you miss it. Story-wise, the plot had a lot of potential and some cute little quirks that I imagine were meant to be surprises. I just wish there were a bit more substance to it. The conclusion was solid, no loose ends. Overall, it's a typical micro-novella... it meets it's obligations and hits it's goals without being truly satisfying or fulfilling. It needed more dimension and dynamics. Other than that... Jessup is an awesome character - loved him. If you're looking for a cute, light holiday read, you may find it enjoyable. It is written well and has a pleasantly smooth flow.
Heat Level: 2.5 [PG-13] ~ Score: 3.9 ~ Stars: 4

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