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When young Leonardo da Vinci, a busboy, was asked to make turtle soup, one of the turtles begged for his life! It was Tuttle. Tuttle, tried to convince Leonardo that there is a big world out there, and he could show him all about it, if he would just take a chance.

Through humor and chaos, Leonardo’s inventions come to life, only to find out that everyone one else sees them for something different in the end.

This is the first in a series of children’s fiction books to follow the life of “Tuttle the Turtle”. A turtle who lived so long, he evolved into an independent thinking and speaking mastermind. Follow Tuttle as he influences many famous and sometimes infamous people throughout history.

This book is digitally enhanced to take your reading experience to a higher level...

Originally written as a screenplay, here are some of the KIDS FIRST!® Adult Juror's comments:

"Having a turtle behind his inventions is a humorous and creative way to get kids' attention. The last scene hooks you - when chaos reins and an invention is formed out of the disaster. Another hook - the tension when da Vinci thinks the turtle is getting baked. This is good, clean fun with a fun ending."

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Young Adult
October 29
Clarence Sheridan
Clarence M Sheridan

Customer Reviews

maryked ,

Unique storyline

Fun story with easy reading! Enjoyed the interesting dilemmas that the characters encountered making the reader want to continue on. Loved the interactive digitally enhanced artwork. Good humor and as we all know turtles can live a long time making this fiction story somewhat believable.

Leonardo Fan ,

Fun journey

This is a true gem for all ages. Great graphics and entertaining storyline. My nephew and niece both enjoyed learning about Leonardo and already want another book. We look forward to more stories.

BecauseTheNight ,

Love The Secret!

I really enjoyed the story - nice punch line at the end. The 3d artwork was topnotch and the audio glossary and added animations throughout the book were a real plus. Can’t wait for the next one! Agree with ChuckMore on the TV show!