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Three teachers who should have known better: proper and experienced Audrey, fair and by-the-book Mona, and friendly but strict Emily. None of them needed warning or a crash course in teacher student liaison and yet, one touch, one kiss and all hell broke loose...

This is a compilation of previously released titles: Lust: An Education, A Bimbo for Her Student, and Teaching Ms Emily. Contains graphic scenes; all characters are consenting adults, older than 18.


Audrey knew how to handle each and every trick a student might try; polite and unassuming Jamie was no exception, never mind the fact that he had the warmest smile and the most beautiful body Audrey would never admit to noticing. She had no business having such opinion, no business fraternizing with a student outside of the classroom, no business letting herself kissed underneath the mistletoe...

Mona knew she screwed up big time when she let her handsome student Matsunaga did what he had done to her. It was wrong and would definitely jeopardize her career — but she did let him touch her and enjoyed it. Maybe a little too much. The only thing to do now was to make sure she would never let herself lose control again...

Well built and good looking, college student Jonah didn't really have difficulties getting girls. If anything he was hounded and could take his pick. He supposed it was not a surprise really when he got fixated with the one woman who seemed immune to his charms. Friendly but firm with her boundaries, Ms Emily was a challenge, one that made Jonah pull out a rare choice from his arsenal.

Fiction & Literature
September 10
Dark December LCC
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