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A one-of-a-kind reading experience featuring fully integrated audio selections within a dynamic political biography by noted historians.

"May be the best concise account of the Kennedy presidency ever written."--Washington Post

Let Every Nation Know is the first book of its kind--a historical and political biography crafted from Kennedy's own words and the era he defined, from the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Nixon-Kennedy debates and Civil Rights. 

Combining remarkable embedded audio excerpts from 34 speeches, debates and interviews that defined an era with the insights of two of America's most notable historians, the result is a unique look at the world-changing words and presidency of John F. Kennedy.

Robert Dallek, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of the #1 bestselling biography An Unfinished Life, and Terry Golway, author of Ronald Reagan's America, bring to life the soaring oratory, marvelous wit and the intense drama of Kennedy's words and the events they evoke.

Dallek and Golway wrote Let Every Nation Know with the audio in mind and this enhanced ebook edition includes the audio selections within the chapters that cover those specific speeches. You'll be able to seamlessly listen to the selection while you read the chapter, creating a powerful experience with history that you won't soon forget.

"I had forgotten just how powerful these speeches were but the [audio] brings them to life once more and Dallek and Golway have done a masterful job of putting them into context."--Bob Schieffer, CBS News

"Perhaps the best of all the books on JFK. Jack speaks to us again across the years, in words still highly relevant to our times."--Senator Edward M. Kennedy

"If their superb text is not enough to convince post-1963 Americans that JFK deserves to be ranked among the greatest presidents, the audio...of his speeches that accompanies the book virtually makes the case on its own and will be a revelation to anyone whose familiarity with his oratory is limited to his magnificent inaugural address."--Washington Post

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