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How the hell did I end up on TV faking like I’m not falling for the world’s sexiest shrink?

Yeah, I agreed to live at an old cult compound and let cameras tail me around, but a plotline about a grumpy single dad finding love? Big nope. All I want is a brewery to run and a fresh start with my daughter. Just toss me the keys, keep the psych sessions short, and remind me again why I can’t fall for Dr. Mari Judson.

At least I’m not alone. She’s as thirsty as I am for what’s brewing between us, but Mari runs scared when we get close. Something’s stopping her, and a woman with secrets is a recipe for heartache. Trust me, I know. 

Blame her sexy brain, her quirky parrot, or the way my kid adores her, but I can’t quit chasing Mari. It’s bound to blow up like a can of Kolsch tossed down the stairs, so why can’t we stay apart?

And why do I think the good doc is hiding something huge?

March 12
Tawna Fenske
Tawna Fenske

Customer Reviews

Laura__F ,

So good!

The Judsons are definitely becoming a favorite literary family to follow!

I admit I was nervous about this book since I can be super judgy when characters do similar work to what I do and I really dislike the liberties fiction takes with ethics of certain professions but my anxiety was for naught. Mari is an amazing psychologist who wanted to make sure everything at Juniper Ridge was done the right way. Honestly, she’s goals. Griffin and Soph absolutely stole my heart and this book made me shed more than a few tears for them.

I am counting the days to when I can visit Juniper Ridge again!! I can’t wait to go back.

Cheryl33610 ,

Great fun!

Single dad romance is one of my favorite tropes, but usually they come with a cute baby or precocious tot. Very rarely do I enjoy the pre-teen/teen set as they are either too sweet or much too sour to deal with.
Not so with the engaging, smart and personable Soph. She’s an important part of both her father Griffin’s life and the storyline itself. She’s also the subject of the funny first conversation between her dad and Mari Judson, the psychologist for Juniper Ridge. Mari is very different from her siblings, more subdued and private. She’s delightfully awkward, which is part of her attraction to Griffin. And of course, she has a secret.
I’m loving this series, which is both reality show and social experiment, and it’s citizens/cast of characters. Fenske’s signature humor is evident as always and enhanced with the addition of a very unique pet. Leonard was a hoot! I can’t wait to see who moves into Juniper Ridge next.

hnobbs ,


I absolutely loved Mari & Griffin as a couple. From the moment they met they had an attraction that you could just feel. I loved that they didn’t try to fight the attraction. Mari was trying to fight the attraction because she was withholding something from Griffin that was important for her to keep from him and yet at the same time want to tell. Definite catch 22 for her.
I really liked the relationship she had with Griffin’s daughter, Sophie, it felt natural and like a friendship. It was exactly what they both needed. And Mari’s relationship with her sister’s was great even though Mari didn’t think so, at first. But when Mari needed her sisters they were there for her and she realized they always were even when she didn’t let them in.
Griffin was a great guy and a great dad. I loved when we saw him with Sophie and how much he loved her and wanted to make sure she was happy.
I am really enjoying the new Juniper Ridge series and this book was just great. I am looking forward to Lauren and Nick’s book next.

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