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Bestselling author of And the Good News Is... Dana Perino is back with stories of friends, family, and how America's love for a dog named Jasper is a place where even political opponents can find common ground.

Dana Perino is a popular and beloved host on Fox's The Five, with over two million followers on social media. While readers admire Dana for her charm, warmth, and insight, she also knows who the real star in her family is: her Vizsla, Jasper-A.K.A. America's Dog.

In this new book, Dana tells stories about life and politics-and how dogs can transcend rancor and partisanship. She also talks about how dogs bring families together -like Dana's own, from her career in Washington through her life as a TV star. In addition to all the fun and fabulous dog tales, Let Me Tell You About Jasper... is fully illustrated with hilarious photoshops so clever they will make you laugh out loud. These photoshops bring Jasper's adventures to life through pop culture, art, sports and history.

Biographies & Memoirs
October 25
Grand Central Publishing
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Customer Reviews

Jimbo Billy Bob ,

Let me tell you about Jasper

All dog lovers will love it. Others won’t understand but I cried multiple times reading about Henry later years. A dog in the family is required for sanity. Dana is my favorite person on “The Five”. After reading her book I understand why.

Daveindiego ,

Dumb dumb dumb

That poor dog even looks at her like she is a dummy.

Kevinmichaelkeating ,

Jasper is the best manga I ever read.

This is one of the most amazing manga I have ever read. The characters are great and the plot is of higher level literature then Shakespeare. The illustrations are amazing and it's action packed visuals combined with an emotional, interesting plot make it truly, the work of a legend.

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