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Let My People Go

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Imprisoned by pain, set free by His GRACE

“I want to spend my life healing broken people; I want to spend my life removing pain.”

Jason Lozano is a true living miracle and has led an inconceivable life of remarkable achievements. He is known and admired by people all over the world for his passionate pursuit to see lives powerfully transformed by God.

As a young man, Jason Lozano never imagined a life that didn’t involve drugs, violence, and chaos. His life was riotously spiraling deeper into darkness and destruction.

Imprisoned by the pain of his past and by the demons of his life, someone like Jason just didn’t get better. He was a madman haunted by mental trauma, rejection, and abuse. Yet in spite of his violently oppressed condition, he discovered true freedom.

Let My People Go is an honest and faith-affirming story of the redemptive power of God. Ultimately, it is a transparent portrayal of Jason’s personal experience of healing, restoration, and purpose.

In this life-changing book, readers will:
• Discover what true freedom means and how to experience it in their daily lives.
• Find hope and inspiration through the stories of redemption and healing.
• Learn how forgiveness can transform relationships and heal wounds.
• Be encouraged by the power of fervent prayer which has the ability to produce miracles and breakthroughs.
• Discover how to live fearlessly and embrace the unique call and destiny that God has placed on their lives.
• Use this book as a resource of faith to believe for a loved one.

Jason Lozano knows what it means to be set free by God. He shares his powerful story of how he went from a life of hopelessness and bondage to a life of freedom and joy. Whether you struggle with addiction, depression, fear, or any other issues, this book will show you how to overcome them with God's help. This book is not just a book, it's a journey.
—Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

A young man walked into our Christian rehabilitation center over twenty-five years ago. I never would have imagined what God was going to do with his life. That was the beginning of God changing his life. Those who read this book will see the transformative power of God.
—Pastor Mario Villa

Jason Lozano leads a 7,000-member church alongside his wife, Elizabeth. He carries out a global discipleship-based ministry with 1,300 students in the school of discipleship and 4,000 people in small group attendance weekly. Residing in the Los Angeles area with his wife and three kids, Jason Lozano is a leading voice to this generation as he declares the gospel with faith and power.

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February 26
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