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Do you know how to create the perfect sci-fi sidekick? Need to figure out what kind of armor an actual Shaolin knight might wear? And how do you build up excitement in your original manga when it's time to face that evil end boss?! Sharpen your pencil and make way for LET'S DRAW MANGA-FANTASY!

You'll learn how today's most popular fantasy manga styles are influenced by both your favorite classic books and real-life history. Everything from drawing precise body details to fleshing out the world your characters inhabit is covered in this easy-to-follow (and fun to read) guide, too. Tons of examples and step-by-step instructions guarantee that you won't lose your way in the mythical manga forest...just watch out for the fire-breathing dragon at the end!

The successful LET'S DRAW MANGA series offers insight and key advice for every manga master. Helmed by professional manga artist Aster Noriko, this volume includes key tricks and tips for translating your original ideas into detailed reality. Novice fans and seasoned pros alike can now draw the fantasy world of their dreams...you're on your way to creating your very own secret worlds, weapons and so much more!

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November 30
Digital Manga, Inc.
Digital Manga, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Negaistar~ ,

The book is good but the pixelation...

The book has good points, but trying to read it with annoying pixelation, is not helping. Please fix the resolution, so others and I can truly read comfortably and learn from it. I'm afraid I'll have to give two stars because of the pixelation. Please fix it, since I already bought the book. Please.