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Molly and Finn Alcott had the picture-perfect marriage. With two gorgeous children, a lovely home and their own business, they were the couple others aspired to be. But when news of their divorce spreads through town like wildfire, it sends their beautiful image up in flames.

Molly spends years mending her broken heart. She finds joy in a life centered around her kids and career. Her happiness has a different picture now.

Then one day, she finds a letter in her mailbox. Written in Finn’s handwriting, dated over fifteen years ago, it’s a letter he wrote Molly after their first date.

Week after week, Finn’s letters appear. Each marks a date in their history. Each holds the confession of the man who still owns Molly’s heart. Each heals a wound from their past.

It’s just too bad Finn isn’t the one sending them.

June 18
Devney Perry
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Customer Reviews

Dawbalicious ,

Devney Perry has another 5 Star book on her hands!

I’m in complete awe of Devney Perry’s ability to write such beautifully crafted love stories! Molly and Finn have taken up permanent residency in my heart and I’m sooooo glad Denvey gave us their story. I dove into Letters to Molly with an idea where I thought their journey would go, but was completely and happily wrong. I kept changing my mind about who was sending Finn’s letters and not once did I have it figured out. It will be fun to re-read Letters to Molly and catch all the clues I’m sure I missed the first time!
Ms. Perry has proven again and again that she’s a Master Storyteller.

Dmarie2980 ,

Absolutely 100% Amazingly Beautiful!!

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. We all met Molly & Finn in TBL, there was so much tension behind the scenes I was itching to know their story. So now I’m all like....FINALLY!

Molly & Finn were married, happy as clams. They started their landscaping business after college and then began a family. At some point they started growing apart, communication so lacking it was frustrating! I wanted to shake them!

By the time it was too late, they both tried to move on. Or move forward, because there was no moving on from a love like theirs. Molly went to work at The Maysen Jar and Finn hustled his landscaping. Both lives for their kids.

When the sparks reignited (many moons later) I was so excited! I should’ve known Devney wouldn’t let it happen so easily though. Ha!

Once the letters started rolling in, I started praying “please work this out! They have to work this out, Lord!”

I just seriously love them so much. They’ll make you believe in forgiveness and the need for it to be able to live happily ever after. <3

Jamilagiel ,

5 In A Heartbeat Stars!

"In a heartbeat"
5 stars are not enough for this book!
D*mn, can this author write a beautiful book. It was very emotional. I'm not a crier, but I may have shed a tear or two.
After the dead of her husband, Poppy Mayson sets to complete his birthday list (kind of like a bucket list) he wanted to complete before 50 (so cool!! made me want to make a list for myself).
While trying to complete the list, Poppy meets Cole Goodman and with his help they will try to complete the list.
Cole is my new favorite Hero by Devney. He was so patient with Poppy, and such a good guy (like his last name).
While not a fan of slow building romance, THIS ONE WAS PERFECT!! couldn't be any other way.
Loved the secondary characters (Jimmy and Randal were my favorites) and hope some of them gets a book. (like Tuesday Belle)
If you love emotional, beautiful, feel good romance..Then YOU SHOULD GET THIS BOOK when it goes live.

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