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I'm man enough to admit I screwed up. I'm not proud of my actions, but it is what it is.

I learned from them and now I'm more determined than ever to prove to Paige my heart is hers.

Asking her to marry me was the easiest decision.

Walking down the aisle was simple.

Holding her for the rest of my life—check.

Being a sexy, excellent husband—check.

Staying undefeated—Damn right check.

But Karma has a funny way of getting back at me

And with her sneaky fingers wrapping around my throat

She sets my ass up and I'm in some serious trouble.


Who would've known Levi would become my husband after all the mess?

Giving him a second chance was easy.

Becoming his wife was even easier.

But I never would've known life had extra plans for us.

Fighting is what Levi does the best, until he's surprised with two different types of challenges he's never experienced.

Sucker punched—check.


Challenge accepted—for sure.

Levi might have his flaws and faults, but I couldn't ask for a better man to hold my hand through life.

Or maybe it's me holding his hand.

Can Levi can step up and overcome the obstacles that have been thrown his way or will he be leveled?

**Must be read after entire series**

December 29
TC Matson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

CeeJay Daisy ,


As with every book in TC Matson’s The Fighter Series, (And you MUST read the whole series before you read this book) LEVELED is such an awesome book....And, I am now, officially, #TeamLeRy ......I have no way to choose between Levi and Ryker after reading LEVELED...❤️🌼🔥
These “people” seem so much a part of my life, now, and even though I know Ms. Matson has other projects on which to work, (and I know we will love them too, because her writing just gets better and better), I, sincerely, hope and even believe Levi, Paige, Ryker, Whitney, Adam, Kelsie and the rest of the gang will continue to speak to her...I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll ever think this series is supposed to be finished, but I just know, for sure, in my heart, it isn’t finished yet.....Too many circumstances (loose ends) tell me, we are not through being blessed by more installments in the Fighter Series.❤️🌼🔥
I tried all day, yesterday, but I have teared up every time I’ve tried to write this review, because I’ve been so emotional......I’m sad because the book ended, even though, I’m happy with the way it ended...but, I’ve been just a mess....Ms. Matson has become an author who can reach inside your chest and pull out your hearts while making us laugh, cry and REALLY FEEL THAT HEAT!!❤️🌼🔥
Thank you, TC Matson, for putting your heart and soul into every book you write for us...it always amazes me how, for as much as Ryker and Levi are alike, with subtleties, you show us how different they really are, and how you make us love them both.....❤️🌼🔥
I know I say it after every book, but LEVELED may be my favorite book of the Fighter series, but without the others, it wouldn’t have made me feel...SO MUCH....And it’s certainly one of the HOTTEST books, period, because TC Matson knows how to write FANTASTIC sex scenes too!!! #TeamLeRy ❤️🌼🔥

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