Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries

Books 5 - 7

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More Murder. More Romance. More Dog Slobber.

Join the Dog Park Gang as they unravel mysteries in a series that “…continues to deliver for readers who enjoy thoughtfully crafted mysteries that combine elegant plot twists with characters, both human and canine, you'd love to have as friends.” —Stephen Campbell, CrimeFiction.FM

This bundle contains books 5 - 7 in the Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries series, written by C. A. Newsome, hailed by Kirkus Reviews as “a true talent of the genre.”

Book 5: Muddy Mouth

A Fourth of July parade, 89 feral cats, and a missing author. It’s nothing Lia and her schnauzer can’t handle.

While the dog park gang trains their fur-babies to participate in Northside's famously eccentric Fourth of July parade, starving artist Lia Anderson is building a float commissioned by Fiber and Snark, the cat-rescuing knitting club managing the career of local best-selling author Lucas Cross. Then Lucas disappears at a book convention, someone attacks Lucas’s accountant, and Lia is the only one the ladies of Fiber and Snark trust to discover the truth while protecting a secret no one suspects they have.It's the Dog Park Gang to the rescue. But can they find Lucas before somebody winds up dead?

Book 6: Fur Boys

There’s no end to the drama when Lia stumbles on a dead diva.

Talented, charismatic Dr. Geoffrey Lawrence has manipulated students and staff at Hopewell Music Conservatory for years, destroying lives and careers at whim. No one knows this better than Hannah Kleemeyer, the school admin who plays nanny for the professor’s trio of adorable dogs. 

Lia’s mural commission at Hopewell and her friendship with Hannah place her center stage when the Machiavellian voice professor is murdered, the ensuing drama heightened by the theatrical tendencies of the suspects and further complicated by the terms of the professor’s will.

The solution to Lawrence’s murder lies with his many victims, but the detectives assigned to the case are more suited to rousting gang-bangers than eliciting shameful secrets. Meanwhile, a mysterious informant is determined to involve Lia’s beau, Detective Peter Dourson. It’s a case Peter can’t touch now that Cincinnati has created a centralized unit to handle homicides. With Peter hamstrung by departmental politics and the assigned detectives barking up the wrong tree, it will take Lia and the Dog Park Gang to unravel the truth.

Book 7: Swamp Monster

Old bones land Detective Peter Dourson up a creek without a paddle.

Human remains surface on the banks of Cincinnati’s Mill Creek, sparking a media circus. It’s a case Detective Peter Dourson shouldn’t have, with attention he doesn’t want—even before his former fiancée arrives to fan the flames.

It’s the Dog Park Gang’s fault it landed in his lap.

Starving artist Lia Anderson has her own problems. Her new puppy is on a mission to destroy everything she owns, and a ditsy new client is driving her crazy. Worse, Peter’s ex wants to rekindle their relationship.

When the bones are tied to dark rumors from 1940, it will take Lia and the Dog Park Gang to prevent history from repeating itself.

(237,000 words)

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 16
Two Pup Press
Carol A Newsome

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