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Five men. Brothers in arms. Their fight to free the shifters of Kentucky could destroy them all.

For two generations, the wolf shifters of Mammoth Forest have lived under the brutal, ruthless control of the Kentucky Chief Pack Alpha. They have been denied their freedom, their rightful packs, and fated mates for far too long. Now, five brave men have forged a secret alliance hellbent on resistance. Follow along as the shifters of Mammoth Forest fight to reclaim the women they love and the packs they were born to lead.

On a mission for critical medical supplies, Liam comes across curvy spitfire Molly. His protective instincts kick into overdrive. But, Molly’s stronger than she looks and she’s fully capable of taking care of her own damn self. It takes about two seconds for Liam to figure out Molly’s his fated mate. In another time and another place, that would make things simple. Here in Kentucky, that makes her a weapon the Chief Pack can use against Liam and all the resistance fighters in Mammoth Forest.

Molly Ravary’s not the kind of girl who believes in love at first sight. But when Liam McConnell walks into her life, all rippling muscles and eyes blazing with mystery, she might just have to rethink that. He’s hiding something but that doesn’t keep her from being drawn to him. When he reveals his true shifter self, Molly knows she should head for the hills. Except, his nature calls to hers and his truth opens a hidden, magical world she’s been living in all along. Instead of turning away like she knows she should, Molly finds herself all in.

Molly and Liam’s passion for each other creates the greatest danger of all.  Giving into it could ruin them both.

The Mammoth Forest Wolves books contain smoldering love scenes between fated mates, danger, dark passion and intrigue. If you’re into that, saddle up and strap in. Each book is interconnected and should be read in the following order: Liam, Mac, Gunnar, Payne, and finally, Jagger.

August 17
Nokay Press LLC
Nokay Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Nickname#611 ,

Well Written

Anyone who reads shifter romance books knows how rare it is to find a well written one. There are very few grammar/spelling errors. In fact there is only one that I can think of off hand. As we learn more about the shifters, they never seem to take on that awkward, unrealistic feel that you get from most of the other books I have read thus far. I was caught up in the plot just has much as the romantic tension. A very refreshing read.

Lyds2011 ,

Loved it!

Couldn’t stop reading it!

Moonchild7117 ,


This book is VERY well-written, fast paced & interesting ! It’s a REALLY GOOD READ, for us older paranormal romance readers as well as the newbies coming into their own, looking for the DIFFERENT side of things ! TYSVM for the great time I had with this book !! Lol ! I just started it yesterday morning, finishing up here’re at 6:15 this new morning !!! LOVED IT !!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !

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