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Unlock the secrets in Reunion Gap

What happens when destiny ignores the rules?

Tate Alexander has the good luck to be born with looks and charm, and the bad luck to belong to a family where money and power mean more than honor and integrity. When he returns to Reunion Gap to take over his father’s company, he’s determined to uncover and right the wrongs his father committed. He’s also determined to win over Charlotte Donovan, the woman who’s stolen his heart. 

Charlotte Donovan is big on causes and vows no man will ever “own” her, especially a playboy who can’t commit to a vehicle, let alone a woman. However, her heart isn’t listening to her brain. The only way to battle that is to create a web of lies that keeps Tate believing she doesn’t care about him.

But maybe she’s so busy keeping her lies in place that she almost misses the man’s devotion to his siblings, and his commitment to righting past wrongs his father committed. When the lies catch up with her, it’s not going to be easy for a man like Tate to forgive a woman who betrayed his trust. 

Will it be too late for them or can destiny step in once again and give them a chance at happiness?

Reunion Gap series:

Book One: Strangers Like Us

Book Two: Liars Like Us

Book Three: Lovers Like Us

Book Four: Couples Like Us

Book Four: Couples Like Us

Book Five: Guilty Like Us

BONUS MATERIAL: Included with this e-book is the first chapter of Lovers Like Us, Book Three in this series.

November 13
Mary Campisi Books, LLC
Mary Campisi Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mamalucke ,

Liars Like Us

Liars Like Us is a tale full of manipulation, deceit, heartache, heartbreak, and the resurrection of true unbridled love. The Alexander and Donovan family animosity is reminiscent of the Montage and Capulets, with a much happier ending. This book was a page turner that I enjoyed every second reading. I was sad for it to end but also excited to see what the next book will bring! I voluntarily reviewed this ARC in exchange for an honest review, I’m so glad I did because it was worth every second!

Cleosan ,

Good reading…until the end

It didn’t feel like an ending to me, so I was disappointed. Too many loose ends to be a stand alone book and felt like it was just a ploy to purchase more books. Sad. I won’t be adding this author to my favorites even though she is a good writer.

Texas109 ,

Liars Like Us

Liars Like Us is the second installment in the author’s Reunion Gap series which, to avoid reader confusion, should be read in order. It abounds with deceit, misunderstandings, regret, heartaches, restoration and eventually resolution and new beginnings. The animosity between the Alexander and Donovan clans is fierce at times, but is it deserved or has it been orchestrated? There are multiple stories going on in this book and at first I had trouble keeping up with the various characters...siblings, aunts, in-laws, outlaws, parents...perhaps because I haven’t read the first book, Strangers Like Us. However, as I kept reading relationships became clear and I could see the purpose. This is a story about acceptance, trust and self-growth. The author definitely writes well and her prose wraps around the reader like a warm blanket so that when the last page is turned the reader will want more. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book. Highly recommend.

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