Library of Absolution

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Alarick Brandon is the powerful wizard who operates The Keep, a refuge for magical people fleeing the persecution of the Ministry. A bitter realist, Alarick knows it's only a matter of time until the Ministry succeeds in eradicating magic from the world—and exterminating all magical beings—so he has been careful to avoid any personal involvement with the people who pass through his sanctuary.

But when Elissa Stone arrives at The Keep, her village a smoldering ruin and only her magical talent and a forbidden library left to her name, Alarick's ordered world descends into chaos.

Elissa is a Book Mesmer, a magical talent long believed extinct. She can enchant books, making them indestructible, unreadable…even deadly to unauthorized readers. But while her magic can secure a legacy for future magical generations, it's not a skill that's good in a fight, and certainly not one Alarick sees any real use for. But there's something compelling about a woman who defies the Ministry's edicts against female literacy, and she seems determined to prove that knowledge is a weapon in its own right…

The first installment in an enticing new fantasy series by author Jennifer Derrick, Library of Absolution is a compelling story of perseverance and determination in the face of persecution, in a Dark Age where hope is lost—and knowledge is the only thing left to fight for.

December 17
CTP Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

dvghbjingt ,

Terrible Spoiler alert

Author uses Harry Potter-ish story vehicle but a stupid premise. Taking risks, enduring hardship and danger to save books, knowledge, that nobody can read or have access to in the future. Even given the opportunity to read and share the books they don’t. There’s no more than one or two lines about teaching others to read or reading to get information that could help their situation. Then everyone dies that can access the books except one child. I suppose the next book can be about that child, grown up and using the books or something like that but her back story could be told in a few pages.

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