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A Howls Romance (Stop Dragon My Heart Around)

Dragon shifter Rayer Drackos of the Dracodomus clan is happy to hide out in his penthouse, away from the world. It beats hoarding treasure in a cave like some of his extended family members have been known to do. The problem is, being a billionaire recluse isn’t helping him find his one true mate. And if he doesn’t mate soon, he’ll succumb to an ancient curse, forever stealing his chance at happiness, ensuring he'll be forever alone.

Can he find true love before the clock runs out? Are the scales of fate tipped in his favor?

November 11
Raven Happy Hour LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

R. Manor ,

Licking Fire

Mandy Roth - Licking Fire: A Howls Romance (Stop Dragon My Heart Around)

The “Stop Dragon My Heart Around “ Series are awesome Dragon Shifter stories with sexy alpha dragons, smart sassy damsels in distress (or put there when they find they are suddenly mates to a male they’ve just met), great secondary characters, involved exciting plots, romance and a lot of humor and fun.

Alondra is a woman running for her life, a journalist she bravely posted an article revealing a corrupt government official. Now they are after her and they are not human. Although a bit timid and traumatized Alondra warms up to the dragon physically and mentally. She is of course a virgin which I found annoying, it was not necessary to this story which is not YA and personally I am over the whole virgin thing, it’s actually a turnoff at this point.

She reluctantly runs to a man/Dragon Shifter who her grandfather has written extensive journals about for help. Skittish at first she is comforted by the wise doorman/ wizard/assistant to Rayer.
Together the three not only figure out they are all somehow connected but that she is also Rayer’s True Mate.
Overall this a great read I would have loved to be twice as long. I’d look forward to reading more in the series as Rayer has lots of relatives still in need of their mates.

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