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Alan Bradley’s true story chronicles a long downward spiral enflamed by a deprived childhood, sexual molestation, emotional problems, drug and alcohol addictions, and county and state prisons. Part of the story involves his struggle with sexual identity. He was sexually molested at a very young age by a much older male friend of his family. The molestation continued for a number of years. Also, the molestation introduced him to sexual activity at a very early age and he had multiple prepubescent sexual encounters with male friends. These experiences left him quite confused about his sexuality. His early sexual experiences encouraged him to have further male-male sexual experiences as a teenager and a young adult. An accurate sense of sexual identity was nonexistent until he was well into his adult years.

Alan’s first experience with getting high occurred at 14 years of age. He only consumed a couple of beers, but it was a turning point in his life. His focus from that time on was on getting high. He had always had thoughts of drinking alcohol or using drugs even before this experience, but once he felt the effects of being high, it was like a light went on inside of his head and most of his time and efforts were devoted to acquiring alcohol and drugs.

Alan’s drug addiction was at its worst from his middle teens to his early twenties. He spent those years as a methamphetamine (speed) addict getting arrested a total of 13 times. Alan had a huge appetite for drugs and this story documents the impulsive and reprehensible nature of his behavior while he was under the addictive tentacles of amphetamines, methamphetamine and other drugs. He was a full blown speed freak injecting crystal methamphetamine at every opportunity. His life was a whirlwind of sex with men and women, drugs of all types, and local and county jails. His struggles with his sexuality continued through most of his life with a number of gay sexual experiences in prison.

April 3
Alan B. Bradley
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