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In this hard-hitting collection of 4 essays, Dr Wilson cuts straight to the chase: YOU WERE LIED TO! 

You were lied to about the nature, character, and cause of the American "Civil War," but that is just the start. The entire South—its people, culture, history, customs, both past and present—has been and continues to be lied about and demonized by the unholy trinity of the American establishment: Academia, Hollywood, and the Media. 

In the midst of the anti-South hysteria currently infecting the American psyche—the banning of flags, charges of hate and "racism," the removal and attempted removal of Confederate monuments, the renaming of schools, vandalism of monuments and property displaying the Confederate Battle Flag, and even physical assaults, albeit rarely at present, on people who display the symbols of the South—Shotwell Publishing offers this unapologetic, unreconstructed, pro-South eBook to the world with the hope that it will reach those who are left that are not afraid to question the sanity of this cultural purge and the veracity of its narrative concerning the South.  

January 15
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Customer Reviews

gonzoid ,

This is NOT the real book critical of the south’s history.

Mr. Wilson is the oldest of idiots in trying to ‘white wash’ the South’s heritage of hate and bigotry. This is NOT the book that exposes the lies that have coddled the hatred of the south for centuries, it’s a DEFENSE of the lies!

From the man himself: "We don't want the federal government telling us what to do, pushing integration down our throats... We're tired of carpetbagging professionals coming to our campuses and teaching that the South is a cultural wasteland." Condemning what he perceives as a positive representation of people of color in the media, Wilson lamented that the "established forces of 'American' society have been promoting the glory of the non-white and the foreign for two generations now.”

He is a malignant person, and his ideas of the ‘glourious south’ are and should be repugnant to anyone that knows the real history of that time in our history.

Lloydian ,

Oh, good lord, No!

This is a revisionist history of the Civil War, you know: the one that was definitely NOT about slavery, but was, in fact, a war for the north to gather power in a centralized government. I truly dislike knowing that I gave money to a racist cause.

karagenai ,

A gimmick to push a false narrative promoting racism

It’s pretty sketchy to use another author’s book title to promote a false narrative about our nation’s history. Skip this one.