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Love, Lust, Lies

Cathy and Phil were in lust with each other in high school and are ready to rekindle that emotion forty years later even if they have to lie to their spouses to make it happen.

She really doesn't want it to happen, or so Cathy lies to herself. Phil wants to put her notch back in his libido and won't take "no" for an answer.

Tom is the only problem standing in the way of their lustful dreams, just like in high school. You see, Tom loves Cathy and Cathy loves Tom. However, the lust just isn't there anymore, if it ever was. And why let marriage and love stand in the way of lust and infidelity?

Jan understands, and tells Cathy that lies like that are more important than sex. "Have you ever gone a week without telling a good lie?" she asks rhetorically.

It's the same with Phil and Mary Ann. She realized a long time ago Phil will never love anyone more than he loves himself. But he lies to Mary Ann and she chooses to believe him. It's easier that way.

Who does Tom lust after? That is one of the lies he tells. And one of the secrets Cathy discovers. 

Lies We Tell , a short story of marriage, infidelity and love is typical of the short Stories of St. Isidore tales of a quirky little city where everyone lies to each other, has sex with each other, and some of them even kill each other.

This is realistic fiction. It could happen, it has happened to many of us, maybe even all of us.

Lies We Tell. Be honest. How important are they to you?

Fiction & Literature
September 18
Rod Kackley
Draft2Digital, LLC

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