Life After Death

A Renowned Psychic Reveals What Happens to Us When We Die

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A renowned psychic and spiritual healer with clients all over the world, Mary T. Browne had her first clairvoyant experience at the age of seven. For more than thirty years since then, her visions of the other side and her communication with her teachers, both in spirit and on the earth plane, have helped to form not just her understanding of death, but her philosophy of life.
In this fascinating, inspiring book, Mary T. puts our lives into a much broader context than most of us have ever imagined. LIFE AFTER DEATH describes in detail exactly where we go when we die. Mary T.'s psychic connection to the spirit world and her ability to receive messages from those who have made the transition will inspire us to see death not as an ending, but as a new beginning.
Mary T. shows us that the spirit world is a place of harmony. It is a realm of beauty, light, art, music, literature, and friendship. We do love beyond the grave, and we will be reunited with our loved ones in the spirit world. The touching stories of those reunions will help ease the fear of leaving the physical world. Mary T. takes the mystery out of death, and leaves us with clear examples of the miraculous journey that lies ahead of us.

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October 30
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There's no question about Browne's writing skills; she writes well.

I've almost every book out on NDEs that are available to download. And I've read many books by Mediums claiming to know what happens when we shed our physical container.

This read was boring. It didn't have the creative imagery that S. Browne wrote in her books. She was certain of her abilities too.

The part where M. Browne lost my interest was when she challenged a customer about his/her assertion/desire to NOT reincarnate. According to M. Browne we keep reincarnating, whether we want to or not, over and over again until we have accomplished certain goals, like speaking a multitude of languages fluently. The list has around 10 items or so.

Like all the books written by Mediums, what happens when we give up the ghost varies. There are some similarities between all the books I've read on what happens when we die, but not many.

Read NDE (Near Death Experience) accounts of what happened to people when they "died." They are much more interesting and more believable.

And I'm sure there are numerous names who swear she knows what she's talking about. More power to them. Just think twice about buying this book, unless you absolutely have to read another psychics opinion (like me) on what happens when we die.

R. Hudson

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