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The highly anticipated memoir from the star of the hit series Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead

When Lisa Williams was four years old, she told her parents about the spirits in her bedroom. Since those first sightings, Lisa has seen and communicated with thousands of people who have passed over, listening to their stories and delivering messages of comfort to the loved ones they left behind.

In Life Among the Dead, Lisa invites readers into her extraordinary life, from her childhood in Birmingham, England, where her grandmother -- also a renowned psychic -- encouraged her to respect and nurture her talent, to her decision to move to Los Angeles, where her smash-hit Lifetime television show quickly made her one of the world's most beloved mediums. Lisa shares memories of her earliest psychic experiences and her gradual acceptance of her gift, and recalls many of the amazingly accurate communications she has shared with believers and skeptics alike. In her compassionate, down-to-earth style, she reveals exactly what it's like to live surrounded by spirits every day, and she recounts the joy she feels in bringing solace to those who have lost someone dear and the insights she has gleaned about spiritual phenomena, hauntings, psychic healing, and the afterlife.

Warm, witty, and surprising, Life Among the Dead is a wonderfully intimate account of Lisa's life as a medium, healer, wife, mom, and TV star who has already won the hearts of millions, a woman with an astonishing gift for seeing beyond the ordinary and into a mysterious and fascinating realm.

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April 8
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Customer Reviews

Yourscrubnurse ,


I've always "believed" in Lisa, the readings, the spirits, her heart but it wasn't until I actually read this book, her book, that she became a real living breathing person to be. She magical, with her presentation of her life in words, it was like I was sitting in her living room with a cup of tea and her telling me about her existence her experiences, and her special "gift" that ironically she didn't think was so special. Call it a feeling but I've known Lisa in past lives, just don't know how to piece it all together lol...
Read this book! It will touch you in ways you never can imagine

Tonstel ,


I not much of a book reader but I just couldn't stop reading this book. Lisa, thank you for sharing your life with us. I can't thank you enough for the piece you have brought me. Thank you thank you thank you!

Satisfied reader! ,

Big fan of Lisa!

I couldn't put the book down! I was shocked at how many lessons Lisa has learned and I was excited to read about how she became famous. She deserves an award for all of the wonderful work she does. Thank you for sharing your life story!

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