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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein

This is the motto of the cheerful debut novel by the charming Bulgarian writer Ivinela Samuilova "Life can be a miracle".
In 2008 Ivinela Samuilova met Aleksey Bachev who, at the time, worked as psychologist in the Ministry of Defence in Bulgaria. She became very intrigued by his personality and the unconventional manner he worked with people who were seeking his help. Ivinela started documenting what he did and at the end of 2009 she wrote “Life can be a Miracle”, convincing Aleksey to keep his real name in her novel because she wanted people to learn about him and his unusual approach to reality.
The story of the female protagonist Adie presents the life of the majority of people today – life stuck in social frameworks that define and limit what is “possible and impossible”, “real and unreal”, “feasible and unfeasible”, “acceptable and unacceptable”.
Adie realized that, dragged along by her fears, beliefs and prejudices, she had replaced her true identity with a personality scattered about in different roles. She believes that only by finding her Vocation, will she be able to make sense of her existence and once again restore the integrity of her personality. Cue her meeting with the extraordinary psychologist Aleksey, who helps her look at herself and her life from a point of view she would probably never otherwise have.
Aleksey’s unusual lessons, that start with a tiny piece of blue cheese and a huge fork, reveal practically how to break away from hypnotically living our lives following fixed social models. We discover, bit by bit, how to restore a more direct and holistic connection with the world. This is the only possible way to turn our ordinary life into an extraordinary experience.

The novel has brought an unusually optimistic breath of fresh air, as warm as a Balkan summer, to Bulgarian literature. Yet, it has no borders and speaks to the universal human spirit. This is the right book for readers who want a fresh take on reality, who do not take themselves too seriously and who would like to explore their own potential and live a more fulfilled life, starting from within.

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May 26
Ivinela Samuilova
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