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Travel back in time and learn about Texas pioneer history with this interactive book created by Ms. Wright's third grade students at Eanes Elementary School. The students use photo and video reenactments to share what life was like in our community over a century ago.

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January 22
Laura Wright
Laura Wright
Grades 1-6

Customer Reviews

oliveme10 ,

Learning Enhanced by Technology

Good teaching today requires educators to adapt to the evolving technologies of the day. It is most exciting to see this done in today's classrooms and when it is done right it is most exciting because the children benefit more than one would think.

This iBook is a fantastic example of how interactive, hands-on learning can take school children to the next level. Here they learn by reading, acting, singing, writing, story telling, managing, sharing and even dancing and in the background there is the technology that helps them pull it all together and give their project life.

Kudos to Ms. Wright and her 3rd grade class in Austin, TX. Keep up the good work!

The Lowrimores ,

Setting a new standard!

We know a few other schools that have their own "pioneer day" - but WOW! this book really sets a new standard! What an incredible feat: not only did the kids get to learn about life as a pioneer and get a feel for its joys and its hardships but they also got to document their experience by taking their own photos, shooting their own videos, and creating their own music. What an incredible, multi-faceted learning experience! The resulting I-book is something they will treasure.

TheRyanFamily ,

Truly a gift...

The third grade students in Mrs. Wright's class have gone to great lengths to showcase a time period which influenced our modern day ways of day to day living. The multimedia components of this project are incredible, and the depth of information is amazing. She and her students have demonstrated a spectacular display of historical information in a modern day format. The innovation of this creation is astounding. It's a must read and download type of book!