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This study guide is designed specifically to help you pass your Life In The UK test.

Referring to the information which you need to know in order to pass the test, this book will introduce you to simple but extremely effective techniques to help you easily memorise massive amounts of information.

Struggling to learn the composers? You can actually learn all you need to know about them in just a few minutes, plus you will remember it all! Not a huge sports fan and finding the subject difficult? This book will show you a way to learn the topic inside out in the time it takes to finish a cup of tea!

Commit huge amounts of the required knowledge to memory using the specific approach given in this book. In about half an hour from when you start to read it, you will feel your confidence soar to new heights as you ready yourself for success.

This book includes:
-Two mini-tests
-Ten full length tests
-Hundreds of test questions on Life In The UK
-Easy ways to recall information on dozens of the people you need to know about using visual and entertaining People Profiles – Kings, Queens, composers, writers, sportspeople, politicians and other historical figures
-Unique techniques to help you learn about the food, distances, national flowers, saints’ days, religious festivals and much more
-Helpful advice on avoiding common mistakes during the test and increasing your chance of success
-Visual aids, which are proven to assist with memorising the facts and figures you need to know to pass the Life In The UK test
-Useful information on booking the test and what you can expect on the day
-A discussion on the Life In The UK test and why you DON’T have to be afraid of it

Read this amazing book and pass your test!

January 11
Andrew Hannon
Smashwords, Inc.

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