Life is Just a Ride‪!‬

A map to help you remember the truth that is already inside you

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Publisher Description

“Who are we and why are we here?”
“Is life an illusion and are we mere characters in this movie we call life?”
“What are the themes and patterns of your life story?"
“What beliefs have shaped your life, and are you still holding on to them?”

These are some of the questions to which Jocelyne Grzela has spent her life looking for answers. Life is Just a Ride! is the author's journey of searching for the Truth. Many of us have been searching for answers, especially in today’s world. We’re all trying to make sense of it all, and it can be confusing and overwhelming.

This book brings together methodologies and practical tools that have been there for us since we incarnated, but may have forgotten. When we arrive in this world, many tools are made available to us to guide us as we set out on our journey. Once we find these tools, and use them to connect the pieces, we begin to create a map to help us see through the illusion of the ego in order to understand who we are, and what we’re doing here. We are provided with what we need to begin enjoying the game we have chosen to partake in.

Through her own strenuous challenges of loss, divorce, trauma, and a brush with death, the author demonstrates how to stop taking life so seriously, and enjoy the ride. First you will learn how to recognize the patterns that keep showing up in your life, which will lead you to unmask what beliefs you are still holding on to, that continue shaping your life. Then you’ll learn the difference between desiring and allowing, and what the purpose of karma is really all about. This path will take you from one of self-improvement to one of self-acceptance. Lastly, you’ll learn how to see through the game of the ego by using the tools and exercises provided, and develop a clear map of your true identity and purpose in this life story.

This inspirational memoir is meant to encourage you to find your own truth, to help you realize that you have a choice to live in fear, or live free as you were meant to be. The practical information and suggestions provided will help you remember who you are, and demonstrate that you can start over at any age, and live a life filled with joy and self-acceptance, a true heaven on earth.

Health, Mind & Body
March 15
FriesenPress Inc

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