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Have you ever questioned life after death? Do you wonder what it could be like? How different is it to the life you presently live? Is there only one place in heaven or can you ‘move’ around like on Planet Earth? Is there anything you do during your sleep time? Do Angels exist? Once again, my trio of Guides will answer many questions, some of which you did not know you needed to ask. Open your mind to new journeys and explorations. We like to take away your fear of death and help you enjoy your life in the physical reality even more. Once again Dear Reader, relax and let us show you different life experiences.


I was literally blown away with this book, I could not put it down!

What an excellent resource to every question you could possibly ask about this life and beyond. Well written and completely engaging I can't recommend Petra's book enough. 

Melissa Barry, Australia

I very liked the straight forward approach. It seems that Max and his group have gone far b eyond other spirit guides in transposing their knolwedge into understandable human terms. In reading “Seth” stuff I continually felt that I was not grasping much of what was being presented, not so with this material. I am looking forward to Petra and Max’s next books.

John Kramar, Bel Air, Maryland United States

The insights in the book “Life Journeys” are reassuring and comforting in an insiane world.



In the second edition of Life Journeys, the focus this time is more on the nonphysical universe to give you some idea of what life is about when you actually die. The choices are many, the places are unique and the possibilities are endless.

This does not mean that your life on Earth is less exciting, even though, at times life on Earth seems to be hard and difficult. Nevertheless, everyone had lifetimes when living in luxury and plenty had become a very boring adventure. Yes, remember you have chosen your life for a purpose and we like to emphasise that every single human being has a purpose.

March 14
Petra Eisel

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