Life of an Empath Twin Flame

Are you dating an Empath Twin Flame?

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It is until I accepted that I am an empath that my life began to make sense. Before then, I always felt like I did not fit in anywhere. It all began when I was triggered into a Spiritual Awakening process by the Twin Flame encounter. Before then, I lived in dogma; I felt lost to myself and the world around me. I felt stuck in limbo. All my Spiritual gifts and talents were dormant and so was my Empath personality. Before I met my Twin Flame, I could not connect with anybody at a deep Spiritual level; I always felt a void within that left me deeply unsatisfied.

When you love a Twin Flame, the connection goes deeper than what the mind can comprehend. You have no control over how deep the bond runs; you feel exposed and disarmed after meeting your divine lover. Since the bond that Twin Flames share is sacred and indestructible, you feel like you have no choice but to submit to feeling the deep love connection.

When it comes to loving as a Twin Flame empath, you love with your heart fully open. You love frankly and honestly. An empath lover loves you unconditionally; we do not take love lightly — we do not pretend. Also, when an empath truly opens their heart to you, you feel blown away. A Twin Flame empath’s love is also intense, powerful, and messy. It gets very challenging to manage but you know for sure in your Soul that it is real and authentic. A Twin Flame empath does not know how to love another way.

You know that you will never be loved by another the way your Twin Flame loves you. After you separate from a Twin Flame, every relationship that you enter intensifies your feelings of losing a Twin Flame. You look for your Twin Flame in other people’s eyes but in vain. You know that your Twin Flame fills the biggest part of your heart. You also believe that you came into this world to meet him or her — finally your Twin Flame makes your life feel like you have a purpose. He or she adds meaning to your life.

For me, I am the kind of empath who is very attuned to other people’s energetic vibrations. When I am around a group of people, I feel like I know him or her because we speak just by wanting their behaviors and how they also react to the environment and other people in the room.

I am also very sensitive to other people’s moods and emotions; I always feel overly empathetic towards others that I channel their feelings. Sometimes I carry a lingering feeling of sadness if I am around a sad person. Sometimes I feel more pain than he or she tends to show.

During the Twin Flame separation phase, I can easily tell when I feel my Twin Flame’s sadness because I channel his pain no matter what kind of situation he is going through.

After the Spiritual Awakening experience, I also amplified my psychic abilities. I am not a Spiritual person but I felt a shift in my consciousness and a boost in my energetic frequency. I could sometimes tell that my friends were lying about something without having proof of it. I also started seeing the little lies that those around me used to manipulate me. I woke up to my life situation and for the first time, I could see my world with clear eyes as if a veil had been lifted.

From a normal point of view, an empath is mysterious and the emotions run deep. Only those who are brave enough can handle our complicated nature. You have to be able to shift your perspective to appreciate what lies underneath what the human eye can see — A beauty of its own.

The first time my Twin Flame looked into my eyes, I acknowledged that he saw my Soul. He saw my vulnerably, honesty, pain, happiness, hope, and unconditional love. It is no surprise that we both scared each other off. The separation phase amplified all my deepest fears and greatest desires. We were both afraid of each other’s hunger. Not everyone can handle the intense chaotic relationship with a Twin Flame empath.

Stay Blessed!

April 18
Fairy Publications
Nakajubi Kawalya

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