Life's Big Questions God's Big Answers

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Who is this product for? Youth who want straight answers about faith. Seventy percent of church youth left home after high school and then left the Church according to a 2002 Barna poll. When asked for the reason for leaving the church, 32 percent (in an open ended question) listed intellectual skepticism—religion made no sense, there was no proof, or there were no answers to legitimate questions (2005 National Study of Youth and Religion). Youth have questions—God’s Word has the answers.

What does this provide for you?
• Question-and-answer format takes the key questions youth have and replies with biblical, straightforward answers.

• Discussion questions involve youth in the process as they ponder questions that relate to each topic.

• Answers to tough questions that could have easily been sidestepped in the past.
What is it?
There’s no doubt about; youth aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions about faith, the Church, and life. This Bible study helps you answer those questions for yourself and your students.

Life’s Big Questions, God’s Big Answers looks at a key question in-depth and explores it through the Bible and research from journals and books by respected Christian authors. Each chapter also includes 5 questions to make the study more interactive.

13 big questions—13 in-depth answers:
1.) Are You Ready to Defend Your Faith?
2.) What is a Worldview?
3.) Does Evolution Explain the World?
4.) Does Creation Explain the World?
5.) What are Humans?
6.) Is the Bible True?
7.) What is the Canon?
8.) Was Noah’s Flood a True Worldwide Event?
9.) What About Dinosaurs?
10.) Did Jesus Really Exist?
11.) What About Jesus’ Death, Resurrection, and Their Effects?
12.) What is Postmodernism and the New Tolerance?
13.) How Can We Witness Effectively Today?

Religion & Spirituality
July 29
Concordia Publishing House
Concordia Publishing House

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