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So many photography books tackle just one aspect of a successful shoot. In Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It, bestselling author Scott Kelby focuses on all three necessary components of a great shotthe lighting and its setup, the shot itself, and the post-processing.

The book is chock-full of diagrams that show readers exactly what to do in order to get specific types of shotsright on down to how many feet to set the strobe from the subject, and the subject from the camera. In the 16 shots covered in the book, Scott addresses all of today's most popular types of lighting setups, from edgy, dramatic, high-contrast light to soft, beautiful, wrapping light. Then he takes those shots into Photoshop and shows how to process, retouch, and finish each image, from global adjustments such as exposure and contrast to local adjustments, like retouching eyes and skin.

Organized by two-page spreads, the first spread shows the final image and a contact sheet presentation of other images from the shoot; the second shows an information-packed image of the entire set-up from high above the set; the next spread shows set-up shots from all other angles (from the left of set, right of set, behind the set, and behind the camera); and the rest of the spreads take the image into post-processing in Photoshop to show how to get the final image.

There is truly nothing out there like this unique, soup-to-nuts approach, presented by one of the world's most popular photographers and instructors working today!

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September 2
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another momo ,


This book is way overpriced for an e-book. Come on Apple, time to re-evaluate product pricing. Amazon wins very time!!!!

Johnnie78 ,

Get Kindle version

The Kindle version is almost half the price of the one for Mac. The price of an ebook should never be more than 50% higher than the printed book as this one is.

GT Thunder ,


I love Kelby books but I am shocked at the price considering what I can pay elsewhere...very surprised. I will take my money somewhere else.

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