Light Skirt

Hollywood Heroes: Book 1

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From Award of Excellence finalist and Angie Award winner Susannah Scott comes a new, contemporary romance set in Hollywood.

A Hollywood ingénue with a hidden disorder and a secret past…

After years of sucky Hollywood roles and ridiculous publicity stunts, Mallory Branson has (finally!) landed an Oscar-worthy part. The only problem is her new director insists she hire 24-7 protective security during filming. Although Mallory can’t deny that Mr. Glowery Bodyguard makes her feel safe—and hey, is seriously easy on the eyes—Mat’s constant prying threatens to expose not only her flaws, but also a dangerous secret from her past. 

A war-weary bodyguard who dislikes phony actresses… 

Hotel heir and war vet Mathias Carlyle (aka Mr. Glowery) has put his shattered life back together by rebuilding boats and focusing on his LA-based security business. Mat is convinced that Mallory’s secrets pose a threat to her safety, and despite her successful attempts to distract him, he has little patience with her subterfuge, and even less for her play-acting.

The disguises fall away… 

After a threat on Mallory’s life creates a paparazzi frenzy, Mat must drop his arms-length protector role to ensure her safety. Alone, the two find themselves decidedly off-script and their back-and-forth flirtation grows into something deeper. When painful ghosts from the past resurface, will Mat and Mallory be able to set aside their fears to trust the real people under their masks?


LIGHT SKIRT is a full-length HEA, stand-alone romance about a Hollywood ingénue with a secret past and a war-weary bodyguard who dislikes phony actresses. Due to “open-door” sexual content and a cuss-happy hero, this book is recommended for mature readers.


Hollywood Heroes Series:

Book 1: Light Skirt (Mat and Mallory)

Book 2: Ballbuster (Linc and Sofia)

Book 3: Whirling Dervish (Natchez and unnamed ladylove)

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March 30
Zannadu, LLC
Zannadu, LLC