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Jam-packed with tips from one of the most respected and prolific fishing writers on the West Coast, JD Richey, Light Tackle Surf Perch shows you exactly where to find – and how to catch these popular saltwater fish. 

Thanks to detailed diagrams, photos and descriptive text, you’ll learn how to identify likely looking perch hang outs like troughs, holes, rips and more. Richey also shares secrets he’s learned from commercial perch anglers and other top beach fishermen. 

Richey goes over all the favorite foods of the various popular surfperch species and the top lures to use. Tides, seasons and beach safety are also all covered and he’ll show you how to get way from the heavy tackle often associated with perch fishing and instead use the light stuff that makes catching these pint-sized fish an absolute ball.

You will also learn Richey’s all-time favorite way to prepare surfperch for the table, which he learned from the country’s leading authority of fish and game cooking. 

Everything you need to get you catching West Coast surfperch is here!

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February 16
Jeffrey Richey
Jeffrey David Richey

Customer Reviews

Troutzilla ,

A must read for the West Coast surf fisherman

I bought this book because I enjoyed JD Richey’s Plug Fishing for Salmon E-book and I was equally impressed with this book.

I am not an expert at surf fishing, but I do enjoy doing it. JD takes a different approach and uses more modern/active techniques (not a book about pyramid sinkers with sand crabs). I can’t wait to hit the surf.

For those of you who do not know JD, he is one of the top West Coast guides and writers for Salmon, Steelhead, Stripers, and per this book even surf fishing.

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