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When Jack ended up at college in a small town in the middle of the Iowa cornfields, September 1981, he figured it would at least be better than being home. He had no idea. Sean was on the opposite side of the town-and-gown divide, but attraction knows no boundaries. And when personal tragedy brought them together, it was the beginning of something extraordinary.

This story was written for the Goodreads M/M Romance Hot Summer Days event and appears in the second volume of the group anthology.

Fiction & Literature
January 3
Kaje Harper
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

hubbabbubbahhz ,

Discovery … awakening … in finding love …

Kaje Harper tells an unusual story … About two very young boys …
About how their very first brief night encounter …
About an immediacy of attraction between the two shy boys becomes unfulfilled … in an Iowa pow dunk small College town …

Kaje Harper’s writing story style is so smooth and enticing…
placing you in your own black inner-tube truck tire as a child …
Floating down stream in the rapids of a California Russian River adventure … awakening memories of your own childhood discovery in experiencing life’s challenges …

Kaje Harper awakens a reader with her wonderful storyteller magical fluid imagination and terrific story structure … individual characters and scenarios woven together … for a hell of an enjoyable read …

SlyStare ,

Loved it!

I loved every part of the book. It is amazing and well-written. My heart was pounding while I read it and got so exited for every turn I wasn't expected :)

ncboy1982 ,

Another well written book

This is my second novel from this author that is I have read and it's great. I love this author's style and will continue to read books from me.

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