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Lilja's Library: The World of Stephen King

by Hans-Ake Lilja

Lilja's Library: The World of Stephen King is a brand new massive collection

of more than 150 reviews, more than 40 interviews, and dozens of other

special features of interest to Stephen King readers everywhere.

This book contains more than 500 pages of articles and features that are

sure to please any kind of Stephen King fan, from the general reader to the

die-hard collector.

Just a few of the interviews include: Stephen King (twice!), Frank Darabont,

Marsha DeFilippo, Mick Garris, Peter Straub, and many other people who have

been involved in King's prolific career. The reviews include detailed

commentary on well-known works by and about Stephen King, along with details

about the rare works you might not have heard of, including the original

scripts for Hearts in Atlantis, Stud City, and dozens of others; the

original pilot for The Dead Zone that never aired on TV; Walking The Mile:

The Making Of (a book that has never been released); the Pet Sematary and

Secret Window, Secret Garden UK dramatizations; the dozens of Dollar Babies,

and more!

There are also dozens of brand new features written exclusively for this

volume, including interviews with Lilja himself and Glenn Chadbourne;

reviews of short films such as "Here There Be Tygers," "Boogeyman," "Walking

Ghost," "The Secret Transit Codes of America's Highways," "Night Surf,"

"Stephen King's Gotham Café," "Sorry, Right Number," "Night of the Living

Dead," and others; reviews of the script for "The Mist" and scripts that are

currently in development (including Black House and From a Buick 8); reviews

of books such as Stephen King: A Primary Bibliography, Stephen King: The

Non-Fiction, and others; and much, much more!

If you're new to the world of Lilja's Library or already a constant reader,

this special volume is a must-have for your collection!  An exclusive

Cemetery Dance Publications release, there are no other editions planned

anywhere in the world for this incredible book.

Fiction & Literature
August 3
Cemetery Dance Publications
Chizmar Enterprises, Inc

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