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The Big Boys & Girls guide to how things work between the Signs of the Zodiac. Discover the ins and outs of each Sign, what makes them tick; what turns them on, what turns them off and what happens when they get together with everyone else and you get together with them ...Don't you want to know?

Each Sign has its own section and matchup with every other sign. Lily Lick writes with humor and insight offering you information about yourself and your partner(s) that will fuel your imagination and make you realize the limitless possibilities for dirty fun that are right in front of you, next to you, and across from you on the Zodiac Wheel. Everyone wants to be the best and a very big part of being the best is knowing just what to do to, or with your lover. But is that enough? Lily Lick’s Love Signs tells you why they like it. Chances are they don’t even know themselves why certain things just rock their little socks but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t gently wield that power. ...Don’t you want to know?

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"Not sure why your Aries is always bossing you around in bed? Curious about what may be hiding behind Virgo’s charming and virginal (ha!) smile? Wish you knew what had gone wrong with that mysterious Aquarius lover? Lily Lick’s Love Signs provides satisfaction for the curiosity in all of us."
Oysters & Chocolate

Bumping, grinding, 24/7 sex-obsessed characters humping all over the night sky. These are twelve fully-formed, securely-horny-with-exquisite-rough-edges characters and Lily's best guesses on how they'll interact, lube, claw, and restrain each other. Confident and formidable as the descriptions are unto themselves, the interactions between the signs are decidedly the best; always rough and tumble, and without resort to fairy-tale endings.
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July 24
Lily Lick
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