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The break that Nikki and Kenny so desperately need has been put on hold again. While on a trip with their crew to check out a new business endeavor they are called away again.

Kenny really doesn’t like what Nikki wants to do, but he knows he needs to stand by her no matter what. Nikki really doesn’t want to deal with what has just come to their attention, but knows she has to in order to be the person she’s fought so hard to become. Even though Kenny has some doubts about what needs to happen, just knowing he’ll be there at the end this time is the only thing that will get her through it.

In the middle of this latest investigation, Nikki and Kenny are distracted by a personal matter that reinforces their feeling that they were meant to be together. The problem is this distraction is so weird that neither one of them knows what to do about it or how to handle it. Still they need to put dealing with it on hold to get the job done.

They barely had time to come to terms with the new link they have just discovered when their break is put on hold yet again. This time for a mission that is almost impossible to accomplish from the start. The last thing they need is second personal issue thrown into the mix. A personal issue that has Nikki wanting to back out of a mission for the first time and Kenny fighting to help her keep her head in the game.

Too much is at stake to be distracted. To many people are relying on them. Backing out is not an option. Their minds are pulled from one end of the spectrum to the other. Staying in control has never been more important or more of a challenge.

Will this new gift help or hurt them as they try to deal with the sudden increase of mind games they find themselves playing? Can they get past the distractions to complete their mission or will they finally be thrown a curve that takes them out of the game?

May 23
Juliann Vatalaro
Smashwords, Inc.

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