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He saved her life, and gave her a night she'd never forget...

Curvy Allison Vinter's career and love life are in a rut--she's jumping from one dead-end job and dead-end guy to another. When her boss partners her with a creepy “dragon truther,” he shows her a video proving that dragons are real. Soon, powerful dragon elders want her dead, and she’s completely alone and in danger--at least until an infuriating tattooed badass leaps to her rescue.

Demian Donner is an ex-Navy SEAL turned SHIFT Squad mercenary. His inner lion is roaring at him to find a mate and settle down, but he can’t turn his back on his squadmates. He sees Allison on the wrong side of a gun, and he rushes to protect her above all else. After just one passionate night together, Demian knows she can make his inner lion--and all his other parts--swell with pride. But to truly protect her, Demian has to hide her...even from himself.

When fate finally reunites Allison and Demian, an ocean of secrets divides them. Allison never thought she’d see Demian again, so how can she tell him about his cub she’s been raising all alone? And should Demian tell her that the dragons who want her dead are closing in? Despite their secrets, a single touch reminds them of how good they can be together--but will their renewed passion give them another cub, or will it lead to nothing but heartbreak?

This is the second book in the SHIFT Squad Series by Aya Morningstar with dragons, cute shifter cubs, steamy sex, and a great Happily Ever After! With NO cliffhanger!

July 3
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Walelala ,


I love stories like this one and can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

tshbx ,

Good Book

I felt that it was rough at the beginning but then it started to get much better to read towards the end. To clarify the writing was easy to read just the storyline was hard at first.

raynam07 ,

Lion fur the Baby-Shift Squad

Love this series! Always action packed, and great love scenes. You can read it as a stand-alone, but much better to read about the whole family.

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