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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A spellbinding and shocking look at Belinda Carlisle’s role in forming the Go-Go’s and her rise, fall, and eventual rebirth  as a wife, mother, and sober artist

“An unflinching look back . . . with heartbreaking honesty and a wry sense of humor.”—USA Today  
The women of the iconic eighties band the Go-Go’s will always be remembered as they appeared on the back of their debut record: sunny, smiling, each soaking in her own private bubble bath with chocolates and champagne. The photo is a perfect tribute to the fun, irreverent brand of pop music that the Go-Go’s created, but it also conceals the trials and secret demons that the members of the group—in particular, its lead singer, Belinda Carlisle—struggled with on their rise to stardom. 
Lips Unsealed is Belinda’s story in her own words—from her crazy days on tour with the Go-Go’s to her private problems with abusive relationships, self-esteem, and a thirty-year battle with addiction. Ultimately, it is a love letter to music, the lifelong friendships between the members of the Go-Go’s, the beloved husband and son who led Belinda to sobriety, and a life which, though deeply flawed, was—and is still—fully lived.

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June 1
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Customer Reviews

SqueezyG ,

Good book

I admittedly I’m not the biggest Go-Go’s or Belinda Carlisle fan, while I do like their music I was more interested in Belinda‘s life, how she went from being unknown to becoming a world famous singer. The book is very honest and forthcoming but it mostly focuses on her psychological struggles and her drug and alcohol abuse. While she does tell some great stories about the Go-Go’s, her solo career and meeting and knowing famous people, I think she could have told more details about her time with the Go-Go’s in the early days. For example, she barely talks about how we got the beat was a huge hit after our lips are sealed. Overall it’s an enjoyable book. Towards the end I got a little bored hearing yet another story about her drug abuse and alcohol use. But overall it’s a good read, very detailed and a triumph for somebody who struggled her whole life. One thing I thought that was odd was there are no photos in this book except for the front cover, I would say every autobiography I have ever read has dozens of photos. It would’ve been a nice touch.

Michael Courser ,

Great book!!

I from LA and been to many of the places she talks about and I love how open and honest she is. People and artists can learn a lot from her!!

Suzie f. ,

Lips Un sealed

Great reading but I wish there were at least a few pictures included in her book.