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Liselle has spent the last few years living the life of adventure she always wanted. Yet she struggles with the suffering she has seen along the way. Too many people in the world hurt each other and all her efforts to understand why lead her to more questions than answers. As her powers grow, the question of who she really is, or what she really is becomes a greater mystery.

By her side through everything is her mate Vevin, a dragon of unusual origin and behavior. He grows more concerned with Liselle’s struggles and her penchant for throwing them into danger more often than not. To make matters worse, they haven’t discovered nearly enough treasure in their adventures to fill a dragon’s cave.

Teluith and Reben aren’t the best sort of bandits. They try to avoid killing whenever possible, and they’d rather not steal things. Their band, the Angry Porcupines, isn’t very happy with them about that sort of behavior. Yet it’s difficult for a monk and a wizard to find decent work on a new continent. Perhaps they will find a new purpose to suit their goals in life.

Hidden forces are at work within the world, pulling the strings of mortals. Danger appears in unexpected places and dark forces attempt to influence Liselle without revealing who they are. It is an unwelcome complication in an already confusing life.

Join Liselle, Vevin and their new friends as they try to discover the meaning of life, and perhaps find a little treasure along the way.

The Crazed Trilogy is the continuation of the Willden and Wyvern Trilogies. Beings of great power manipulate the world, sometimes to the benefit of mere mortals, but more often to their detriment. Join the odd, and often unwilling, heroes of the world of Ryallon as they face threats to humanity

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 2
John H. Carroll
Smashwords, Inc.

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