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Susanna loves her job as a librarian, except on long, hot summer days. When she find an equally hot patron making use of the study rooms on one of those days, the stacks aren't the only thing that's going to get steamy.

EXPLICIT: This 3,000 word story is for mature audiences only, and contains spanking, rough sex, gags and a climax too loud for a library.

Susanna pushed a sticky strand of brown hair back from her forehead, leaning over her cart of unshelved books and staring dully down the stacks. She loved her job as a librarian, but the air conditioning never worked properly in the summer. It made her blouse stick to her skin, going practically see-through unless she wanted to wear layers and make the heat worse. Skirts at least gave her legs some airflow, but library policy meant they had to be knee-length, so there wasn't much help there. She'd had to send home all but one of the staff before they keeled over from the heat.
Some days, like today, there were barely enough patrons to make it worth staying open in any case. There were a scattering of people here and there in the stacks, an elderly woman sitting at the tables, but that was all. No one wanted to come to a library just to melt into a puddle of sweat.
Sighing, Susanna straightened and started pushing again, shelving as she went with a mindless sort of monotony. Her high heels clicked on the linoleum floor, matching the squeak of the wheels. The books wouldn't put themselves away, and if she got it done quickly, she could go hide in the employee lounge to cool off.
She got through three rows before reaching the study rooms. No one had checked them out—who would want to stay in a stuffy, windowless room on a day like this? The rest of the building was bad enough. Out of habit, Susanna unlocked the door of the first one to peek inside, checking for abandoned books. Nothing was there but an empty coke bottle. Rolling her eyes, she grabbed it up and shoved it onto her cart to throw away later, locking the door behind her automatically. Then she moved on to the second one, which had been left open a crack, nudging the door and flipping on the light with a practiced flick of her elbow.
Susanna gasped, dropping her keys as she stumbled away from what was inside the room. Heat colored her cheeks bright red, and she couldn't help but stare.

Fiction & Literature
July 19
Penelope Gaudreau
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