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Teaching Literature in a Clever, Fun Way – A Book For Classroom Teachers & Home Schoolers. "LITERATURE - the Book, the Place and the Pen" is designed to educate students about good literature both in the classroom and at home. The information is applicable to all grade levels. There are multiple exciting activities that engage students in reading literature and also writing about what they have learned.

The book meets national language arts standards through twelve chapters, each centered on a different genre of literature. There are unique writing tasks in each chapter, interesting background information about each genre, and practical and inspirational assignments for the students.

"LITERATURE - the Book, the Place and the Pen" encourages students to become prolific, life-long readers of all types of literature – short stories, novels, non-fiction, drama and poetry. To instill in students a love of reading, so they can strive to become insightful thinkers and competent writers of literature in its many varied forms.

"A most remarkable literature textbook, lovingly created! The text is organized by four genres: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama. And a fifth, fairy and folktales. There are "tasks" which were created to encourage student participation. These imaginative exercises are all great FUN. High Praise for a delightful and invaluable book." ~ Elliot Engel, Ph. D., English Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

"Recommended! A treasured instructional resource book. Co-authors Andrea Ambler and Jerald Klocek masterfully address the teaching of various literature genres in a practical, detailed style and in a very thorough and fun-filled manner. Truly a gift for all teachers of literature, regardless of grade level." ~ Beth Andersen-Perak, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Emeritus, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California

"A much needed resource for any teacher of English or literature. The authors bring their decades of teaching experience to the book, providing detailed “how to” instructions for both teachers and students – specific activities actively engage students in reading and writing about the literature they have encountered. From the first page, you sense the knowledge and passion for literature these consummate teachers shared with their students and now they are sharing it with all of you..." ~ James W. Davis, Author, Former High School Principal and Superintendent, La Canada Unified School District, La Canada Flintridge, California

"An invaluable companion for veteran and beginning teachers alike. Its twelve resource-filled chapters are imbued with the authors' passion for making literature accessible and enjoyable for young learners, and for bringing the modern high school student into the world of Shakespeare." ~ Cage Morgan, 11th and 12th Grade English Teacher, Diamond Bar High School, Diamond Bar, California

"A fantastic resource for homeschoolers! The book is engaging and well constructed, with thorough book lists for many genres and time periods. It is full of fun activities and assignments. It teaches writing through a love of literature and is easy to use, even for first timers." ~ Martha Armbruster, Illinois (5 Stars)

"A wonderful resource for a homeschooling parent like myself. Tons of lists of literature by genre and information to help your scholar write their own literature specific to those genres. It is evident throughout this guide the authors are passionate about literature and writing and the desire to help teachers/homeschoolers follow their well thought out path in reading and writing! Kuddos! " ~ Julie Baniewicz, Colorado (5 Stars)

"Top marks for originality and presentation. As a guide to the understanding of our great literary heritage, this captivating volume will most surely prove invaluable. It is really quite compelling." ~ Duncan Wood, Author, Edinburgh, Scotland

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