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Everything you need to know about climate change, in cartoons! Too fed up to read yet another gloomy news article on climate change? No time for long, boring reports? Get up to speed and start making your own decisions today, with "Little Climate: We need to talk about climate disruption".

Cut to chase about what scientists worldwide are saying, find out just how bad laughing gas is, and learn to calculate for yourself how much time we have left to act! Happily readable and bubbling with fun facts, this book of cheeky cartoons makes the science, solutions and many opportunities in front of us easy to understand and fun to start talking about!

Based on the United Nations climate reports and published scientific papers, these cartoons take the reader through the science of climate disruption, our forecasted futures, positive progress that we can already see, and showcase a wide range of solutions and opportunities within reach.

Saving the world whilst laughing in the face of adversity? There’s no better way to start!

10% of the net income from the book is donated to, an international non-profit building a grassroots climate movement in 188 countries.

About the author:

Suzanne Chew has worked in the climate change sector since 2007, focused on scaling up low-carbon projects across Asia in renewables, energy efficiency and energy from waste. She was previously a director of a non-profit focused on poverty alleviation and climate change, and the regional manager of a financial services firm focused on the carbon markets. Suzanne holds two Masters degrees in Physics and Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.


“Creative and engaging! Everyone, everywhere, needs to know not only the threats but also the many opportunities in combating climate change. This book provides a fascinating insight and impulse as to why all of us need to act.”

- Nick Nuttall, Spokesperson, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

“Eminently readable. An ambitious and comprehensive book that clearly and concisely outlines everything anyone needs to know, spanning good science, economics and policies. Should be required reading.”

- Ash Sharma, Special Adviser for Climate Change, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation

“Delightfully different. A book to read again and again.”

- Dr. Svati Bhogle, Ashoka Fellow, Founder and Managing Director, Sustaintech

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January 20
Little Climate
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