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Little Millie’s Big Plan is a delightfully rhyming, heartwarming children’s book for ages 3 to 9.  With whimsical, lively full-color illustrations, your child will be captivated as they learn that it’s better to get to know someone before making up your mind about who they are.   Perfect for reading to little ones; perfect for older kids to read themselves.  A great bedtime book; a great anytime book.   

Everyone thinks Mrs. Grundelle is a witch; a problem little Millie believes she can fix.  

Mrs. Grundelle’s house looks haunted, and it’s falling apart, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a good heart.  

Millie’s a smart kitty who can figure things out.  She can sense all things good and bad without a doubt.  

Mrs. Grundelle is unhappy, and little Millie can tell.  And she knows she just has to do something to help.  

Little Millie thinks up a plan, a really big plan, to get five frightened children to help out if they can.  

Will a chimney, a kitty, and a bit of pretend help Mrs. Grundelle get some really good friends?

January 23
Tom Garrahan
Thomas Garrahan
Grades P-4

Customer Reviews

Elan17 ,

Great Children Book

This is such a great book! The message is something we could use more of today: Don't judge people before you know them. The rhyming was spot-on and the illustrations are beautifully detailed and fun! My son has asked me to read it with him over and over. I bought some for friend's kids too.

Renestc ,

Fun to Read!

I love this book. This is not in my age group but thoroughly had fun reading. The storyline is so relatable and drawings are cute and amazing. It is more entertaining than I thought and the lessons to be learned by the very young readers are ever so important in today’s society where outside appearance, unfortunately, matters to most. Will definitely share this book with my nieces and nephews which I know they, too, will enjoy.