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How to make your dreams come true?

Here is a question that « tortures » many of us since we all want our dreams to come true … Isn’t it?

Here is a little book that may help you navigate through the birth to the embodiment of a dream. They will show you some tools to make your dreams come true or at least show you that it is possible .

The birth of this book came unexpectedly and surprisingly. I had just published my first book in the Paths to Yourself collection. It dealt with a subject that concerns many of us: how to build a healthy and lasting relationship of love or friendship?

I was talking with a friend of this publication. He told me that one of his dreams was to write too, but in Thai. I replied that he can surely fulfill this dream considering that he has been speaking and writing in this language for a long time: his wife is from Laos and their language of communication is Thai. But it seemed to him a difficult dream to reach … To joke, I told him I should write a book on « How to make one’s dreams come true? » because I have some 25 years of experience in the field … and I do not hesitate to do everything possible to realize mine. In addition, I accomplished almost all the dreams I really wanted. There is still one, still running, but which I will reveal later in this book;) . This friend told me that he would be the first to read this book if I write it one day …

Putting a dream in to practice

And now this new challenge, which I think will help others embody their dreams or at least part of them, has led my brain to think, almost without even wanting to, about a possible structure of this book. Barely two days passed after I had had this conversation with my friend and I was already writing it.

So check out this little FREE guide to help you make your dreams come true!

Health, Mind & Body
November 17
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